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Lunch Box Notes and Jokes

Lunch Box Notes and Jokes

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Lunch Box Notes and Jokes!

A great way to make your kids smile-- whether they are attending school in person or learning at home this year. 

Over 100 pages of notes and jokes your kids will love!

Check out these themes:

  • Most holidays: Autumn, Monster (for Halloween), Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day
  • Tons of Disney themed notes and jokes (including some special Disney villain note cards!
  • Space, Pirate, Dinosaur themed
  • Unicorn, Fairy Tale, and Dog themes
  • Science, Music, Fast Food (because why not?) 
  • And a TON of funny knock-knock jokes for kids!

Set your kid up with something to look forward every day! There are enough notes and jokes in this bundle to last all year long!